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Government Investigations and White Collar

Our experience includes representation of public and private companies in criminal and civil investigations and white collar matters prosecuted by various federal and state agencies. We also defend enforcement actions and lawsuits pursued by State Attorneys General.  We utilize this experience to assist clients with corporate compliance audits, training and internal investigations.  

Practice Areas

  • Bank/Financial Institutions Fraud
  • Computer/Technology Crimes
  • Consumer Protection
  • Employment Law/Immigration/Workplace Safety
  • Environmental Claims
  • False Claims/False Statements
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Crimes
  • Mail/Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Evasion/Fraud


Representative experience includes the following Agencies and matters:

  • Center for Medicaid Services
    • Representation of a large healthcare provider client in a CMS audit and penalty phase
  • Department of Homeland Security (ICE)
    • Defended ICE raids and audits
  • Department of Defense
    • Defense of government contractors in procurement disputes/false claims
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
    • Defense of third-party transportation providers in national and international investigations
  • Department of Labor (EEOC, OSHA, NRLB, NMB)
    • Handled hundreds of EEOC investigations
    • Extensive nationwide experience in defending unfair labor practice claims
    • Defended multiple nationwide Wage/Hour claims
    • Defense of HIPPAA violation allegations and medical record portability issues.
  • Department of Transportation (FMCSA, FRA, FAA)
    • Federal Railway Administration hazardous spill investigation
    • FMCSA audit results/safety rating threatening to cease operations
    • FMCSA and state agency threatening to cease operations nationally for safety violation
  • FDA
    • Compliance investigation for national pharmacy chain in response to whistleblower claim
    • Whistleblower representation for improper marketing
  • Internal Revenue Service
    • Review and defense of individual and corporate tax disputes
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Defense of municipality in bond offering
  • Social Security Administration
    • Respond to No Match letters related to documentation of employees
  • TennCare
    • Investigation of employer related to employee’s false claims
  • Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
    • Defense of fraud investigations for selling unlicensed securities
    • Response to request for information on private placements
  • Tennessee Attorney General
    • Defense of Tennessee Consumer Protection Act enforcement and litigation
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
    • False claims dispute related to procurement contract with publicly traded company
  • Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Defense of multiple healthcare fraud investigations and audits by the DOJ, CMS and state agencies involving alleged violations of the False Claims Act and Anti-Kickback rule
    • Defense of foreign and domestic clients in federal bank fraud investigations
    • Defense of foreign and domestic clients in federal government asset seizures
    • Defense of public and private companies responding to third-party subpoenas
    • Defense of a foreign entity in bank fraud indictment
    • Response to Civil Investigative Demands by DOJ
    • Defense of transportation providers in federal and state computer fraud investigations